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Local Experts – Your Neighbourhood Appliance Repairman

Local Appliance Repair was started by a group of technicians who understood that customers want to communicate with someone who understands their problem and is able to act on a solution.

Therefore, our business model hinges on connecting experienced and knowledgeable technicians with customers in their local vicinity.

Our technicians live throughout the Sydney metropolitan area, so we always try to link our customers with a technician who lives nearby.

Customer Service Sets Us Apart

For this model to be effective, our customers need to trust and have confidence in our technicians. Therefore, to be associated with Local Appliance Repair, a technician must be able to provide our customers with a satisfactory experience that is:

• Fast and efficient
• Affordable and cost effective
• Helpful and informative
• Polite and sincere
• Considerate and flexible
• Knowledgeable and honest

Sure, we have a website – but our business has grown by word of mouth. And there is only one way to do that: get the job done, treat people right and make your customers happy.

How We Do Appliance Repair

We use a process that makes appliance repair quick and cost-effective. For more information please see the price page on our website. If you appreciate the fact that our technicians are busy doing jobs and so it is difficult for them to answer phone calls. To do this you, the customer calls our representative who will take down all your details and pass it on to the technician of your area. The technician email or text you to book the job on the day that suits you. as soon as possible. When you complete the on-line Submit enquiry, an email is sent immediately to a nearby technician. The technician will reply to your email soon as he finishes his current job.

We have found it advantageous for customers to communicate directly with technicians. The technician may identify the problem and suggest a quick or temporary fix to minimise your inconvenience. At least your repairman will arrive at your service appointment prepared to fix your appliance in one visit. We have found this process minimises communication gaps, speeds up repair time and reduces costs.

Your technician is responsible for your job from start to finish. If follow-up is required, it’s likely that the same technician – your local, neighbourhood appliance repairman – will be the one to finish the job.



90 Days Manufacturers Parts Warranty only on Parts replaced. No warranty on jobs where no parts are replaced. We do not book jobs if the customer has bought the parts and wants it replaced by us. No warranty on jobs where a foreign object is found in the appliance causing a blockage. No warranty on plastic and glass parts. No appliance should be operated while unattended and Local Appliance will not accept any liability for damage caused by fire, flooding or any other event as a result of doing so.

Here’s how we charge:

There is a Basic service call out charge.  Sorry to say that we don’t provide free quotes.
We accept all cards including AMEX. Our Technicians carry EFTPOS MACHINES.
Service call charge is $110 includes g.s.t. (C.O.D.) * Conditions Apply
Plus Labour $22 per 15 minutes or part of it.

Brand new Parts cost extra as required and are exclusively supplied and fitted by us.
We don’t use second hand parts. We use Genuine parts provided by the manufacturer.
We target a job to be around 30 to 45 minutes, which is “Not always possible.” Bigger 900mm Free Standing Cookers require more time to fix.
Service call charge is $110 includes g.s.t. (C.O.D.) * Conditions Apply

ERMS: C.O.D. (Cash on Delivery) Payment upon service rendered. We supply new and genuine branded parts. All parts come with the manufacturer’s parts warranty. The business has grown through customer satisfaction, so we are confident that you will find our prices fair and reasonable.

For more information please see the price page? on our website at https://localappliancerepairs.com.au/price/

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