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    Please note that our techs will not call but but will promptly reply by emails, so please make sure that you give a correctly spelled email address to our receptionist.

    We use a process that makes appliance repair quick and cost-effective. If you appreciate the fact that our technicians are busy doing jobs and so it is difficult for them to answer phone calls. Therefore the customer calls 02-98633217 or 02-79109316, our receptionist will answer the phone and take down all your details and pass it on to the technician of your area. The technician will email or text you to book the job on the day that suits you. as soon as possible. When you complete the on-line Submit enquiry, an email is sent immediately to a nearby technician. The technician will reply to your email or text you as soon as he finishes his current job.

    Local Appliance Repair has built its reputation around a simple premise. We put our technicians and customers into direct contact with each other. That way, your specific repair needs will get addressed as soon as possible. Since our technicians know their stuff, often they can resolve a problem over an email communication – or be better prepared for their visit.

    Contact us online

    Here is how we get you efficient, cost-effective service:

    • Customers complete THE ONLINE FORM and submit the “Book A Service Call Online” box on our website.
    • Their information goes directly (via email) to a service technician in their locale.
    • Our service technicians promptly write an email or text the customer.
    • Our service technicians are committed to respond as soon as they are realistically able.
    • Customers communicate directly to a knowledgeable appliance repair technician who can often help out in their emails. If nothing else, a preliminary diagnosis makes them better prepared for their service call.

    Booking a service call on-line is intended to improve your service experience. You're not stuck on the phone listening to music and recorded apologies. You don't have to wade through a menu of options, just 2 options 1 Price and 2. book a job.

    Contact us online

    However you choose to contact us, here is how we work to maximize your convenience:

    • You choose an appointment date and we will promptly reply by email.
    • We will send you a text with a time slot of 3 hours the night before and We'll call at least 20-40 minutes prior to our arrival (when possible we'll provide more notice)
    • Prior to the appointment, the technician will advise you on being prepared so they can do their work completely and efficiently.

    We don't want you sitting around and waiting all day. Hopefully we will not need a second visit. We can't have every possible part for every model/brand on each technician's van. But if we know the problem before-hand, we are more likely to be prepared. Most importantly, we want your direct experience with our service technicians to be pleasant. Please fill out the Orange form and Send it

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