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Local Appliance Repairs wants to be your one-stop shop for all the ovens. We are familiar with all the brands out there, and we specialize in ILVE SMEG and Westinghouse ovens.  We carry most parts for these brands. We repair and service most makes and models.

We Carry most, Genuine and OEM Replacement Parts for your Ovens

Chances are extremely good that we know your brand and keep common replacement parts in inventory. Many appliance repairs involve the same problems but require different parts as all the manufacturers make the parts in their specific shapes and sizes. So our technicians keep them on hand. This means the needed repairs can often be made on the first visit – saving you time and money. Out of 550 different parts that we carry on our trucks, we are listing some of the parts we have on hand as follows:

  1.  Round Elements. Each technician has around 70 to 80 different round elements in his truck
  2. Grill elements. Each technician has around 12 to 15 different grill elements in his truck.
  3. Oven Fan Motors 8 to 10 different motors
  4.  Thermostats 25 to 30 different thermostats.
  5.  Safety thermostats 30 to 35
  6.  Controllers 25 to 30
  7.  Cooling fan motors 5 to 7 different motors.
  8. Oven seals 25 to 35 different seals.
  9. Light globes and indicator lights 10 to 12 different types of lamps and globes.
  10. and many many many more parts in stock.
  • Of course, it’s impossible to have every part for every brand in each technician’s van. Especially when you consider how many brands we service.
    But if we don’t have it, we’ll get it for you as fast as possible.
    Some of the brands we work with are listed here.
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