Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

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Here's how we charge:
  • There is a Basic service call-out charge. Sorry to say that we don't provide free quotes.
  • We accept all cards. Our Technicians carry EFTPOS MACHINES.
  • Service call charge is $110 (C.O.D.) * Conditions Apply
  • Plus Labour $25 per 15 minutes or part of it.
  • Brand new Parts cost extra as required and are exclusively supplied and fitted by us.
  • We don't use second-hand parts. We use Genuine parts provided by the manufacturer.
  • We target a job to be around 30 to 45 minutes, which is “Not always possible.”

TERMS: C.O.D. (Cash on Delivery) Payment upon service rendered. We supply new and genuine branded parts. All parts come with the manufacturer's parts warranty. The business has grown through customer satisfaction, so we are confident that you will find our prices fair and reasonable.

For more information please see the price page on our website at

Firstly we are not an internet marketing company where the jobs are given to an unknown technician. We are just 4 technicians along with the girls in our office, managing this company that belongs to us and therefore we pride ourselves in this business which is also our passion. Our technicians are in the age group of 65++ years. So you can imagine how much experience they carry to service your ovens.

Besides, In our model, the technician communicates directly with the customer. In this way, he is accountable for his commitments. Communication blunders can’t be blamed on third parties.

Also, we don’t have a huge overhead. Our website serves as our call center and a simple online inquiry will put our customers in direct contact with a technician in minutes. Because technicians are linked to customers near their homes, their travel time and cost are reduced. The savings in overhead are passed onto our customers.

And our technicians stay around their hometowns and neighborhoods. So wherever you are in the Sydney area, you are likely to be connected with a technician who is closer to you. Generally, that local connection is enough for technicians to take their customer service role seriously. Nonetheless, all our technicians share an honest, trustworthy, and competent service ethic. That is how we are confident our customer’s experience will be positive.

A – Another way we save costs and increase efficiency is to have our technicians carry many of the basic parts and supplies they need to make common repairs. A good many home appliance problems repeat themselves so there are a few parts that we need for a lot of jobs. It is these parts that are often the first to wear down and break. When such parts are relatively inexpensive, it makes sense for our technicians to keep them on hand. This way, for most repair jobs, they will have the parts they need.

Of course, less common and/or more expensive parts will have to be purchased from a dealer or special ordered which can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Either way, we’ll take care of it for you and install the part as soon as it becomes available.

A small sample of some of the parts our technicians try to keep on hand follows:

1) Stove/Ovens: Fan force elements, grill elements, cooling fans, oven fans, door switches, globes, thermostats, etc.
2) Washers: drain pumps, inlet valves, inlet hoses, drain hoses, capacitors, etc.
3) Dishwashers: drain pumps, inlet valves, inlet hoses, drain hoses, capacitors, etc.
4) Cooktops: common control switches, elements, etc.

When we order a part for you, we will compare availability, cost, and delivery time from 2 or 3 different suppliers. This is part of what we do to assure our customers of complete satisfaction. We use the best quality and genuine parts supplied by the Manufacturer or the O.E.M. supplier.

A – The Submitted message is immediately sent as an email to the service technician in your local area. They are committed to responding to you as soon as possible. Realistically, our technicians may be in the midst of a complex task. In such cases, their replies may not be immediate. However, it is expected they will make every effort to reply within 60 to 90 minutes of receiving your query.

This email contact with you is very important to us. Our technicians ask you by email to describe the problem or send some photos, to save you time and money. If we know what to expect and we have your model number, we are more likely to have the right spare parts. This is always not possible.

A – It’s in our interest to carry the parts required as it is more cost-effective for us compared to you, as it is time-wasting. Though we try to carry all the common parts we can’t promise you that we will have all the parts. Especially we don’t carry Electronic boards as they are expensive and if the boards lie with us for a long time we run out of warranty. On average, we carry 40 to 50 different kinds of elements, 5 to 7 different types of Fan Motors, and 15 to 17 different types of Thermostats. around 20 different types of controllers and the list goes on and on……..

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