Ilve Oven Door Hinge Replacement: Things To Know Before You Get Your Oven Fixed

The luxury food appliance brand ILVE is the gold standard when it comes to ovens. When we talk of ovens, the brand ILVE comes first to mind. It produces some robust ovens that last for a long time. But even an extraordinary oven brand like ILVE is not immune to wear and tear.

Just like other appliances, it is bound for occasional repairs and replacements. Especially the door hinges. There are basically 2 types of doors. The cheaper version has 2 glasses inner and outer and the expensive models have 3 glasses inner, outer, and one in the middle. The 3 glasses are safe for small children at home. But with pros there are cons.

So now the issue is that the door becomes very heavy and hence the hinges wear off faster than the 2-glass door type. In the 2-glass door type the outer glass gets hot enough to burn a toddler’s gentle skin but they usually last longer compared to the 3-glass door type.

With continuous and repeated use, you may need an Ilve oven door hinge replacement sooner than you may think.

Have you been facing trouble opening and closing your oven door recently? It is a signal for your oven repair Sydney. Let’s dive straight into the intricacies of the hinge replacement process. Let’s understand why oven door hinges need replacement in the first place; how they are replaced; and what’s the cost involved.

Why do oven hinges need replacement?

The need for an ILVE oven door hinge replacement could arise due to the following reasons:

1. Normal wear and tear over time:

Door hinges experience wear and tear as time passes by. The heating and cooling play a very important role in the wear and tear of the tension on the springs used in the hinges. It is the result of expansion and contraction of the materials used in the hinges or If you pull the door hard enough by mistake or just because we all are used to putting heavy food trays on the open door.

2. Hinge loosens from repeated opening/closing of door:

With repeated opening and closing motions, hinges come loose. And if you have too much cooking to do every day then it means that the oven door is opened and closed too many times per day.

3. Corrosion from exposure to heat, steam, and grease:

The hinges tend to get ruined due to the constant exposure to heat and steam. They face the risk of corrosion during regular meal preparations. It’ll wreak havoc if the hinges are not cleaned every once in a while.

4. Impact or dropping something on the open oven door:

There are times when you are in a hurry and you can’t wait to pull the dish out of the oven. This could result in vessel falls. The fall impact could make the hinges loosen out. 

Tools needed to replace oven hinges

It’s not tough to replace your oven hinges. A few basic tools like a screwdriver, water pump pliers, nose pliers, bent nose pliers, and pliers are sufficient to remove them. You can do this yourself. It’s NOT easy to remove the door especially if the hinges are broken but fitting the new hinges is where the real skill lies. You need to handle the latches carefully and make sure they are in alignment. It’s better to call professionals for your oven repair Sydney.

Hinge replacement process to repair oven door

As mentioned above, removing the hinges is VERY difficult especially if the hinges have broken meaning snapped. Fitting the new ones is a bit complicated if the alignment Is out Here’s how professionals go about the hinge replacement process step-by-step:

1. Remove the oven door and place it carefully on a flat surface

First, they remove the oven door by opening it all the way down and using the clips provided to latch the hinge in the door and then close the door halfway and slowly pull it out by lifting it upwards. The door is then tilted to take it out completely. It’s carefully placed on the floor or on a working table with a bath towel underneath, to avoid scratching on either surface.

2. Unscrew the old hinge and remove the glasses from the door frame

Then slowly remove the inner & middle glasses by unscrewing the brackets that hold them in place. The hinges are then unscrewed. A good quality screwdriver comes in handy during this time.

3. Inspect door holes and oven frame holes and clean them if needed

After they remove the old hinges, the professionals make a detailed observation to see if its clean. They clean the frame holes thoroughly and oil them up for free movement.

4. Attach new hinge piece to oven frame, ensuring proper alignment

The new hinges are then unpacked to finish the hinge replacement. But the process isn’t complete without taking the alignment into account. They are attached to the frame and adjusted for the alignment. If in case the alignment isn’t proper then you will have to adjust the brackets. But how will you know that the door is out of alignment and what it means? In simple language, you will need an experienced technician who has been factory-trained by ILVE. It is best to call a specialised ILVE repair technician instead of DIY. They will be quicker and cost-effective & have the parts handy along with a manufacturer’s parts warranty.

5. Attach the other hinge piece to the oven door

The above-mentioned step is repeated for the other hinge as well. The alignment is checked again and readjusted to get the right fit.

6. Carefully remount the door on the oven frame via a new hinge

Now that the hinges are replaced, it is time to mount the oven door on the oven. It is done slowly and smoothly. If there’s resistance, the door is removed and adjusted once again.

7. Test the operation of the door several times to verify smooth motion

The replacement is now complete. It’s time to verify if the door operation is smooth. Both the opening and closing movements are done repeatedly to check for flawless motion.

But Now is the tricky part of this job. What happens if the door is still not closing or opening smoothly after replacing the hinges?

Well, this is where you will need a Professional highly experienced factory trained ILVE technician.

Cost of an ILVE oven hinge replacement: –

The cost of an ILVE oven door hinge replacement depends on the condition of the door frame and the movement. Generally, the cost is a bare minimum. Taking the price of new hinges and service charge into account, you’ll barely feel a pinch in your pocket. As there are 3 glasses in some ovens the door becomes very heavy and therefore the hinges wear off faster than the 2-glass door type.
The cost could go up if the inner door glass is broken due to high impact. You may need a new door frame in this case. If you ignore the door issue you may also need an outer door glass in case you smash it.

Key Takeaway

It’s time to call the experts if you observe a stiffness in the movement of your oven doors. The door hinges are a crucial component of the oven door frame and the smooth movement depends on its effortless functioning. Get your oven hinges replaced by a professional as soon as you notice a door issue before the glass of the oven door smashes and turns out to become a costly affair.